Safety & Security

  1. Vendors and Truck Drivers must oberve 10MPH speed limit.
  2. Failure to follow instructions of Security will result in expulsion from the terminal.
  3. All drivers must have in their possession a valid driver's license and a current vehicle registration ready for examination upon demand by Security and/or law enforcement.
  5. JAX Terminal Badge Required. Badges can be obtained at Jaxport’s Access Control Center. For more information, call (904) 357-3344.
  6. Pedestrians permitted on sidewalks and designated walkways.
  7. Stop at all stop signs and unmarked crossings.
  8. Terminal equipment has the right of way at all times.
  9. All vehicles and/or coupled equipment are subject to inspection.
  10. No unauthorized passengers or pets permitted.
  11. All drivers must remain in their vehicle while awaiting service or movement to another area.
  12. Drivers must wear safety vests.
  13. Drivers must follow established traffic patterns- ask for assistance/directions if needed.
  14. Drivers are NOT permitted to drive in between crane rails when a vessel is working.
  15. Drivers are NOT permitted to drive in between stacks of decked containers.
  16. Vehicle engines must be turned off while waiting.
  17. Vehicles may only be parked in marked areas or in areas so instructed by security.
  18. Repair or maintenance of vehicles and/or equipment is prohibited.
  19. Use of cell phones or other obstructive devices are prohibited while operating a vehicle.



In the event of an emergency, you will be directed to one of the designated assembly areas by supervision.
Remain at the designated assembly area for an official accounting of personnel, and issuance of further instructions.