Oakland to Commence Extended Gate Operations Effective October 15th

With the goal of improving productivity outcomes for the drayage sector and enhancing gateway efficiency at the Port of Oakland,

TraPac is moving forward with an extended gate operation.


Effective the week commencing October 15th TraPac will offer four full service night gates Monday through Thursday from 6PM to 3AM (in gate will be closed at 200am and all the transaction must be completed by 300am)


In order to provide these extended hours and improved truck service TraPac will introduce an Extended Gate Fee. 

The fee is $30.00 payable for all import and export truck transactions (not empty containers) and will be payable by the importer or exporter. 

This fee will commence October 29th after the initial two weeks of extended operations.  


The Extended Gate Fee and Operations are intended to increase productivity within a driver’s operating hours. 

By matching the operating hours of a competitor terminal in the Port of Oakland,

TraPac is providing the same opportunity for trucking companies and warehouses to enhance their operations.