Los Angeles - For Empty-In Appt. made on the Same day - Allow ample time for Transmissions to go back and forth


Please allow ample time after appointment has been made for the transmission to go back and forth between eModal and TraPac , especially when making same day appointments

In anticipation of this, we are now posting the empty return information for 3 shifts - today's day shift, tonight's night shift, and then early afternoon we will post tomorrow's day shift.  Please watch dates carefully on the empty return section of the website.  This should make it easier for you to know what type/size/line of containers we will be accepting so you can make those appointments starting Feb 16th.


these are the requirement to make the empty-in appointment on eModal system

  1. Select for “drop empty”
  2. Type container number (eModal does not have the fleet file, and accept any container number) – please make sure the truckers are using prefix and 7 digit numbers
  3. appointment date/time

 We understand the trucking community is accustomed to the eModal empty-in appointment system

should you require any additional info, please feel free to contact us, at 877-3TraPac, or customerservice@trapac.com.



Los Angeles